Friday, November 28, 2008

Addicted to CSI:Miami

I am so totally addicted to this show. My husband and I sat down to watch it the other night when one of our regualr programs was rerunning. I've since DVR'd it whenever I think about it. There's a CSI: Miami marathon on the A&E channel , and lasts all day until 9pm tonight. If you've never watched it, give it a try, it's totally addicting!!


Deborah said...

Me too! I'm addicted also! I love Horatio. My daughters can't understand it. He has such an 'air' about him.

Dawn said...

I'm addicted to CSI (Las Vegas). I actually love all the crime shows. I haven't watched the Miami one in quite a while. Criminal Minds is another favorite, along with NCIS.

take care,