Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Surprise!!!

This Valentine's Day is very special to me. My husband works for one of the local power companies, and he's been in Kentucky for 7 days helping restore power after their winter storm.

I've been on call this weekend, so my mom has been at my house with our boys. I was taking a nap, and he walked in with a card, (a very sweet one i might add) and holding something behind his back. He told me he would understand if I didn't like it, so he gave me the bag, and low and behold, guess what was in it?

Yep, a purse, a Coach purse at that!! I couldn't believe it. I think I"m still in shock!! It's beautiful isn't it? I had to put the cute pic in of him with our boys. We were all soooo happy to see him!

Happy Valentines's Day!!


tardevil said...

Now that is Sa-WEET!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Love the purse Kelli! I enjoyed spending the night with all of you for a change! I know you all were so glad to see Chad!

Katie said...

That is awesome what a man. He picked it out himself? I'm so ready for spring too, sounds liek the weather is getting nice down there. Still cold here. I miss AR when we have days like this cold, gray and rain.