Monday, July 28, 2008

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. Container gardening is about the only thing I have time for. This a pot I just put together with stuff I found at our local co-op. I've managed to keep it watered, and it's prospered pretty well. I have one of each on each side of my garage. They get plenty of sun out there. I love the trailing vinca, it's hard to find around here.


Anonymous said...

Hi again! I just want to give you a warning! If you have a chance check out my "garden of weeding" post to see what blogging does to your containers!lol They are very pretty. The asparagus ferns last right into late fall! Love them - Jeannette

Sarah said...

Vinca vines are my favorite! You're very talented, they're beautiful!

Dawn said...

Nince job! I work every year trying to keep my plants alive. We've had so much rain the last couple of days my poor plants are awfully soggy!!

I think you just might have a green thumb!

take care,

Kim's Treasures said...

Welcome to blogworld! Your pot is so pretty!
Have a great day!

Alex said...

I love gardening, too!! I think there is such a beauty that is found within flowers/gardens, etc.

I look forward to seeing more. :)

Beverly said...

Your mom pointed me your way for a visit. I have been an admirer of your two gorgeous boys for quite a while.

And, now you have gone and made me hungry. That looks delicious. I'll have to give it a try.

Welcome to blogging.

Jeanne said...

Nice to meet you Kelli. Your boys are so beautiful to see. How proud you must be! One of my five is a red head and she caused lots of attention when she was little and still does at 41. She has two boys too.

Your recipe is right up my alley and I am going to fix it tomorrow. Today we are going out to a well earned dinner after a week of feeding 13 to 17 people three meals a day. G-kids week at our house.

Best wishes on your blogging journey.


Pat said...

I live Brooklyn, NY and have a small house with no soil in the backyard (only concrete and a deck) so I've been container gardening my whole life. I grow flowers, vegetables and herbs and they all grow pretty well as long they it gets watered a lot.
Your flowers are very pretty!
Hugs, Pat