Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Window Treatment Dilemma

Hi Everyone,

I'm in such turmoil over the absent window treatments in our master bedroom. We have beautiful Pella windows that look out into our backyard, and the side of our house. We bought the house last summer, and moved in around July. I've been debating since we moved in what to do with these big beautiful windows. I'm not crazy about the idea of blinds, even though my husband loves them. I thought maybe I would put window shades, but there is a retractable screen that gets in the way of mounting them properly. I'm not totally against blinds of any kind, but I just don't want to obstruct the view to our backyard. I saw on another blog (sorry can't remember which one) where the lady showed off her magnificent master bedroom. She has blinds and panels. The panels hang from the mouling at the top, all the way to the floor, and she placed decorative plates in the empty space... I absolutely love this idea. Not sure what to do... We also have a problem, that our house faces the south, and the sun comes up very early, and shines in our faces, telling us it's time to rise and shine, even if we aren't ready..LOL. So any advice you all could give would be greatly appreciated. I would love someone else's input for my next big project. Thanks for any help !!!Kelli


Picket said...

Hey sweetie....I love those windows looking into the backyard! I have a hard time with window treatments myself...I have the big plantation blinds on mine that way I can open them in the day all the way and close at night for still lets the view stay clear when they are opened..I have custom plantation shutters in the living room that you can just open up and have the bare window..I think the blinds would help with the sunlight and make your hubby happy and then I'd do the panel idea on the sides with some pretty plates like you were talking about...that way during the day you could open the blinds and have that pretty view and yet have the richness and beauty of color and fabric with the panels..good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli! What a beautiful room! I agree with Picket's idea, she has great taste! Another idea how about balloon shades in a rich pattern mounted outside on decorative rods so you still have view but upper half of windows would be covered to keep sun out?. Love the plate idea also or even something iron scrollwork to go with piece over your bed. Lots of possibilities here! Just have fun, Jeannette

Dawn said...

I am no help! I don't have much decorating sense. I just wanted to say that your room is beautiful!

I do know that I like my bedroom to be nice and dark when I am sleeping even if the sun wants me to get up!

take care,

Annie said...

I found your blog via your mom's! I just found hers via Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land.I love your master bedroom, it's very pretty. But I think some panels would definitely warm up the space. Fabric has a way of doing that. I don't know if you've ever been to the Nester's blog, but she has great window treatment ideas. Her address is

Anyway, glad I found your blog!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hi Sassy Southern Mom,
I have to say how lucky you are to have such great windows in your bedroom! When I looked at your pictures I immediately saw thick wooden rods hung near the ceiling with beautiful long & full fabric panels hung on wooden rings. They could be lined with room darkening fabric to keep the light out & pulled open when you want light. At the big window you could mount the rods farther to the sides to allow all of the window to be seen when the panels are pulled open.

Because the windows beside the bed are close to a side wall you couldn't do that there, but still use the same just couldn't pull the panels that far to the this making sense? You also could pull one side to the left & one side to the right to frame the bed.

I love full panels....about 2 1/2 x the width of the window & you would need that for a full rich look when you pulled them closed.

It MUST have been Rhoda's windows you were looking at. She has plates hung above that look yummy! Because she has blinds at her window I don't think she pulls them closed.

Plantation shutters would be great too as Picket posted.

The scroll work idea from Sincerely yours is would echo the scroll work above the bed.

Enough from me, Good luck & let us know what you decide.

Jeanne said...

One question Kelli, Do you need privacy in those window? I love my open wall of windows so we can see our view 24-7. We can see at night if the moon is full. It is eerie but neat.

My bedroom view window has panels I can draw at night. However, we do not have neighbors to see in. In the winter the panels keep the cold out somewhat.

I know you will find something that works.

Hugs, Jeanne

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kelli, so nice to meet you. Your mom, Diane, asked me to stop by & see you & so glad I did. I think it was my bedroom you were just looking at since I posted it this week with plates above the windows. I do love the idea of simple panels on each side of your windows. That would add so much softness to your big windows & add a lot of texture. We have sun shining in our windows too in the a.m. & so blinds are a must. We have the 2" wooden white blinds & really if you want to open those all the way during the day, your view would not be obstructed at all. They can raise up just fine & leave your windows bare & then close them when you need them. That's what I'd suggest, pretty white wood or faux wood 2" blinds and then add the panels on the sides to soften it all. The panels are just to add some fabric in there. It makes a world of difference & I could see that as soon as I put mine up after having it bare for a few months. I always advise to hang window panels all the way to the crown molding. It gives the windows a lot of importance & makes them look so much bigger. You don't want to cover up much of the molding on the windows either, so I just have my panels skim the sides of the windows to avoid that.

You've got a beautiful room, it just needs some fabric to soften those windows.


Pat said...

Kelli you have a beautiful bedroom. I think Picket and Rhoda have great suggestions.

Did you try a google search for "window coiverings"? I'm sure you'd get a lot of web sites with ideas!

Barb said...

Hi Kelli,

What a beautiful room and view!

I agree with Pat and would google window coverings. I have a feeling that whatever you do will be lovely.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

That window is gorgeous..I can see why you don't want to cover up the view etc. Do you like bamboo type shades or Romans? You could do really short curtain rods on either side...more decorative than for privacy..dummies is what they call them. This is my first time here and enjoyed my visit. cherry

Bella said...

I have been seeing alot of the roman shades with the panels look and I love it.

I have huge windows in my living room and we need to block the sun because of the that is the look I am going to do in there.

If you go to Deb's Country Kisses blog, she did this in her den, that is where I got the idea from...and she is so smart...instead of having the blinds custom made, she just got them at Walmart..and they are a bit too wide, but she also hung her panels wider than the blinds, so you cannot tell.

I *think* Layla's Lettered Cottage also has these window treatments on her blog.

You can find both blogs on my blog list.

Welcome to blogging, you will love it!

I love your iron work over your bed:)

Nice to meet you,

Mya said...

I understand where you are coming from. We have big beautiful windows overlooking a pond and woods. I have only sheer curtains flanking my windows in the bedroom, Which means when the sun is up we're up. Sorry I'm not more help. Good luck.

Barb said...

Hi Kelli,

When you have a chance, please swing on by. You have been tagged.

take care,

Beverly said...

I vote for plantation shutters. I think they would look perfect in your room.