Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've been Tagged...

I've been tagged by my mom, at A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words to name 6 unspectacular things about myself. I'm sure I could think of 6 very easily, but whether I want to list them on this blog is another story. So here goes....

1.) I love to sleep...On the weekends, I catch
up on my sleep. My husband says that
I'm going to sleep my life away...but I love

2.) My feet stay cold 24/7. Sometimes I think
I have that Raynaud's Disease that affects
circulation... but I doubt it. I just have cold
feet, year round, even in the hottest part of
the summer.

3.) Bad weather doesn't scare me. I'll probably
eat my words with Hurricane Gustav
headed this way...

4.) I do not like Will Ferrell. I think everyone
else on this planet thinks he's hilarious
and I just don't. He's disgusting.

5.) My husband says I snore lightly in my sleep
but, whatever, I'll believe it when he records
it and plays it back to me.

6.) I have a huge gag relflex. When I was pregnant
with Connor, my oldest, I ate some spinach
dip at work, and put too much of it in my
mouth. I gagged on it, and almost lost it, and
haven't been able to eat it since.


Annie said...

I SO agree about the Will Ferrell comment. I find him quite revolting too. I have tried to watch his movies, but they just bore me. Hope all is well with Gustav moving through!

Smilingsal said...

"I do not like Will Ferrell."

You are NOT alone; I cannot stand him.