Monday, August 4, 2008

Cousins Cousins and more Cousins

Valerie, she is the oldest of the three girls from AtlantOne of many of Connor's redhead cousins, Maggie
Cooper and Mallory, the baby brunettes!
Caroline & Connor being silly, she is the middle girl, from Atlanta
This is the whole bunch of cousins all together.!
On the back row, Olivia(the youngest girl from Atlanta), Luke,
(from TN, and Caroline.Second row from the left Maggie & Logan
(who are brother & sister, both redheads), Valerie holding Cooper & Mallory(she is the sister to Maggie & Logan, and has brown hair)
Connor, & finally in the front row, Seth. (he & Luke are brother, both redheads), Oh, and last but not least Georgia, the Beagle, she is the sister
of Luke & Seth!
We finally counted up that there are four generations in this family, that
were there Sunday. Sorry, none of the adults volunteered to get our picture taken!LOL
Hi Ya'll!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post something. Having 2 small children around, and working full time, there's not much time left in the day for myself. This past Sunday, we had a chance to visit my husband's cousins from Atlanta, Georgia, and Gray Tenessee. His family used to try to get all of the kids together every July for what they call "Raley Camp", where the kids spend the whole week together at Aunt Barbara's house, and play outside, swim, do crafty things, and most of all ride the golf cart around. I took some pics of the kids to share with ya'll. My husband couldn't be there, because we had some bad weather pass through on Saturday night, and he had to go to work, and ended up working for about 18 hours straight. See ya'll next time!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...
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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hey, sorry I had to delete my comment, but don't know how to edit for mistakes!
I enjoyed seeing the 'other' side of the family! Connor enjoyed it I know...he talked about them all today!
Love ya,

Picket said...

Morning girl....loved seeing all those beautiful cousins! It is amazing to see so many redheads in one family! lol When I was growing up there would be about 60 of us cousins on the weekends at my grandparents house! lol Ohhhh the memories! Family is one of God's greatest blessings..hope you are having a great week!

Dawn said...

Good morning. That's a fine group of children you have there! I love the red hair. (Unfortunately I have to pay for mine!). I never had cousins and was always so sad about that as a child.

I'm sure the kids all had a wonderful time at their get together!

take care,

CIELO said...

Such beautiful kids....

A sweet day to you, a day rich in loving thoughts for others...

ps: thanks for stopping by my House in the Roses.... so nice meeting you


Barb said...

Hi Kelli,

What beautiful children. They looked like they were having a great time. Enjoy, they grow up soooo fast.


Darlene said...

It looks like everyone had a ball at the reunion.

I had to come let you know that I made your variation on the King Ranch Chicken recipe tonight....and OMG it was delicious!!!! It will definitely be a keeper in this house. It was soooooo tasty and easy and I am all about easy in the kitchen. I also ended up with more filling than I needed and put it in a bowl to maybe quickly fill tortillas for a quick lunch and my hubby and I got eating it with tortilla chips as a was great!!

Thanks so much for sharing this FABULOUS, EASY recipe!!

Grandma Faith said...

Hi Kelli, nice to meet you. I have a daughter named Kellie, and she has a son named Connor. Small world. I happened upon your mother's blog, and she told me about yours. I will check back to see how you're blogging along. We have redheads in our family, too: my Dad, my son, my children's father (polite for ex-husband)Later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli! What adorable kids! That is so nice that you all get together. My own daughter has missed out spending time with all her cousins; makes me sad that they are not close because of physical distance! Keep up this tradition the kids will appreciate it later! Have a great day, Jeannette