Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coca-Cola and a little history...

Love the new aluminum Coke bottle...haven't seen these here yet
Remember this bomb?

Ahhh...the original, and the best!

January has been a slow month for me in the blogging world. I've stuggled to come up with things to blog about. I've also let the time get away from me in the evenings, which is the only time I have to get online. My boys keep me on my toes most of the time.

While thinking of something, anything to blog about today, I was drinking my second Coca-Cola of the day. ( i know it's a bad habit). I wondered how many of you like the soft drink. Down South, where I've been born and raised, and still live, we call everything a Coke. Whether it be a Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, whenever someone says, "I want a Coke", you simply ask "what kind?". LOL. I know this seems an oddity, that's just always the way it's been.

Any of you remember back in 1985, when the company introduced the New Coke? It was horrible, and such a failure in the marketing world. I remember my mom buying it in those 2 and 3 liter bottles, and we drank it, because the original Coke didn't exist anymore. I'm so glad they changed their minds.

I was at work the other day, and a group of us were talking about how good peanuts are in your Coke. I'm sure this sounds absurd to most people, but I think it's truly a Southern thing. Just drop some peanuts in the bottom of your Coke bottle, and when you're finished drinking your Coke, eat the peanuts! If you've never tried it, you should. It's great, especially in the summer time. We Southerners love to use Coke for just about anything with cooking. I marinate my ham with a mixture of Coke, brown sugar, and strawberry applesause. Marinating venison, tenderizes the meat, and makes it so much better to eat. Pork Loin, and Boston Butts, are also delectable when marinated in Coke?

So, how addicted to Coke are you? Diet Coke used to be my thing, but I've lost the taste for it! Chad's mom Vikki, from Magnolia Memories, has been addicted to Coke since I've known her. I think I get my addiction from her. She drinks Coke on ice, and when I'm sick, that's usually the cure for me!


Magnolia Memories08 said...

You know I have been addicted to coke ever since I can remember.There
has been very few days that I haven't had a coke!!When I think about it gosh how many cokes have I bought. Connor told me today that he can't drink coke. His teacher says it is full of sugar,tons I know.There's just nothing any better than a coke on store bought ice.Your blog
looks great.

Rambling Girl said...

Gosh that is a subject I can realte to...I go into dt's if I miss my coke

Oh yeah I remember the new coke and it was nasty...thank goodness they did bring the original back...that is all I will drink but I did go a few years ago to caffeine free cause the doctor told me I needed to if I was going to drink it.

My granddaddy use to put the peanuts in his...I can also remember drinking the little bottles on my grandparents front porch on the swing.

As far as cooking...coke chicken where the chicken sits up on the can...also done the ham also.

Even been to CokeWorld in Atlanta...neat place to visit if you haven't.

Great Post!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I do call everything a Coke! Funny! Cute post!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I thought you were hooked on Mountain Dew????

Picket said...

Hey Kelli...your right about us Southerners and our cokes! Everything is called a coke! lol I have loved peanuts in my coke since I was a little girl! Oh my word that Coca Cola cake that the Cracker barrel has from time to time....I love that! Coke & Pepsi have always been my two favorite cokes...Dr Pepper comes in 3rd! lol Hope you have a great week girl!

Kelli@SassySouthernMom said...

I am hooked on diet mountain dew too... but here lately when i'm at home, i just crave coke for some reason.

Annie said...

Haha! I think all us Southerners call any drink a 'coke'. If you wanna feel out of place, go up north and talk about wanting a coke. They look at you like your crazy when you grab a Dr. Pepper!

We love peanuts in a bottle of RC around here. Although, I have to drink Diet Cokes because of all the sugar. Hubs is hooked on Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew. Little man gets no caffeine, but he loves the little glass bottles of 7up or Sprite.

Somethings are just special to the South!

Amber said...

There's nothing like the "real thing", but I like Coke Zero and Sprite Zero, too!

Katie said...

I love it!! McDonalds Fountain coke has the best taste too. Very weird how me and my husband think it tastes better there. I hate Diet Coke. We lived in the south for a while and I really miss it sometimes. I like home but I miss some simple things and the slower pace. People are to busy here.