Friday, January 30, 2009

Fireproof: A Must See Movie

On Friday night , a local non-denominational church offered a free showing of the movie Fireproof. It stars Kirk Cameron, who starred in "Growing Pains" back in the 1980's. He is also known for the movies made from the "Left Behind" series of books.

I would recommend this movie to all married couples. It is a tear-jerker, however, the tears are well worth it. My husband even loved it too. It tells a great story of a married couple in crisis, and how they work things out with their faith in Christ, and each other.

I'm so glad that we went to see the movie, even though I was tired and really didn't feel like going. It's also kid-friendly. We took Connor with us to see it, and he really enjoyed it too.

I think the movie should be out on DVD by now. It hasn't been that long since it was released in theaters. Just a recommendation for a good movie to watch over the weekend!!

Have a great day....


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I loved this movie too glad I had a chance to go see it!

Magnolia Memories08 said...

I am so glad that even though you were tried from a full week of work and keeping up with my beautiful grandchildren,and of course taking care of that sweet husband that ya'll went.I know you all three recieved a blessing.
Cooper and I recieved one as well. We had that one on one time to share.

jenjen said...

It's so funny, I saw your post title on another blog because we just rented that movie tonight. My husband was so tired that he went to bed at 9:30, so we haven't watched it. Maybe tomorrow night! Thanks for the review. I heard that it was great and we even read the book that wend along with the movie. It's a work book to bring couples together.

Thanks for letting me stop by!


Katie said...

I loved it so much and both me and my husband cried at the movies. Rare for him but I think it is so touching. We bought it a couple of weeks ago since it is out now and cried again. They did a great job and what a way to spread God's love. Take Care!