Monday, January 5, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!

Well, I'm just now getting on my blog after a horrible weekend on call. I work in the operating room, and we were busy this weekend. I think I worked about 24 hours in over time. After checking in on my dashboard, I found out that I had been tagged. I aplogize for just now getting the chance to participate, so here goes. First I would like to thank Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor for tagging me!

Name 6 things that I value:

  • My family. I don't know what I would do without my wonderful husband Chad. He is so good to me. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life. Our two boys Connor & Cooper, are so precious to me. I love to see what they have in store for me everyday.

  • My health. I'm so lucky to not have any serious health issues to deal with.Other than being a little overweight, I've always been healthy. Seeing sick people everyday makes you so thankful to be healthy, and to be able to work, and live life to the fullest. My husband and boys are healthy too, so we have lots to be thankful for.

  • My home. We bought a new house about a year and half ago. We were going to build a house in a subdivision, but found this house and decided since I was pregnant at the time, it would be easier to buy. Although this is not the house I would have built, I absolutely treasure it! I take pride in my home, and decorating it, and well, trying to keep it maintained and clean, but with two young boys in the house, that's hard to do all of the time! LOL

  • Trust. There's only a few friends that I know that I can really trust. It's hard to come by. This day in time, you just don't know who you can really trust anymore.

  • My wedding rings. I know this may sound silly, but i absolutely love the engagement ring that my husband gave to me 11 years ago. It's a princess cut diamond, and it's absolutely breathtaking. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost it! I take it off when I get home everyday. I don't like to wash dishes, or shower with it on. I knew a lady one time that lost her rings while washing dishes, and never found it!

  • Pictures. Our wedding pictures, and pictures of my boys. I love taking pictures! I have them all stored on my computer. When we went to Disney World a couple of months ago, between my mom and me, we took over 800 pictures. There's nothing like capturing memories. I'm so worried that someday my computer will crash, and I will lose them all!

Six things I don't value:

  • Not strapping kids into carseats/booster seats. This is something that I had experience with this past weekend on call. A child not retstrained in the booster seat, mom going 80mph, do know exactly what happened, but the child came in with a gruesome scalp laceration, that had to be repaired under general anesthesia in the operating room. It takes 30 seconds to strap a child in, I don't understand why people are so careless or lazy.

  • My temptation for's horrible. I could eat something sweet in place of a good meal.

  • People having conversations on their cell phones in public places. Now I know this can't be helped this day in time, but having conversations on cell phones in public that aren't appropriate, gets on my last nerve,especially if you're trying to grocery shop.

  • Drunk Driving. Enough said.

  • Smoking. I see it affect many of my patients on a day to day basis. I try to teach them the hazards, health risks associated with it, but don't know how much I get through to them. If a relatively young person quit smoking today, the signs of smoking could not even be visible in the lungs within 6 months of quitting. It's never too late to quit!!

Telemarketers. Why do they always call during supper time?

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Those are good and I totally agree with all of them!!

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